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#MidLifeMatters: Guest Gwen Samuel Founder Parents Union

July 25, 2022 Team Hercules at WPAA-TV Season 2022 Episode 0
Chapter Markers
Welcome to MidLifeMatters Guest Gwen
Mom Congress
What started you on this community Advocacy Path? Safe Routes to School
CT Parents Union
Tax Payers vs Tax Burdens
Better Working Together
Tax Payer Advocate
Role of Government
Juvenile Justice
Educational Opportunities Includes Trades
Does your message resonate? Communication challenges!
Knowing Our Neighbors
Does the Network live on?
Testifying Before Congress
Everything Has a consequence
Construction Business
Some Tragedy
Young Mom to Grandmom
Going Through It Growing Through It
Military Service
Advice to younger self
Restore Build Grow
Tomorrow Is Not Promised
Share Wisdom