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Progressive Talk | Election Information (with former Secretary of the State Merrill)

July 24, 2022 Team Hercules at WPAA-TV
Chapter Markers
Questions about election security
Voter Registration in CT
Election Day Registration
What happens to voters without driver's licenses?
Acceptable forms of I.D.
Racial biases in polling places.
Security issues that municipalities face.
Telecommunications and IT problems small towns face.
Election Transparency
Intra-agency coordination
Heightened Awareness
Damage done by Conspiracy Theories
Logistical failures with ballots.
Creation of universal standards of organizing elections
Driver's licenses can help people get registered as voters...
How often are voter census's purge?
What We don't do...
What we Do Do...
How has poor communications affected the American political sphere?
New Voter Pre-Registration program.
How the youth of today is involved...
Civic education.
Mock Election
People need to be engaged within our democracy...