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Progressive Talk | Sisters In the Brotherhood

June 08, 2022 Team Hercules at WPAA-TV Season 2022 Episode 0
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A conversation with the members of the carpenters union, Liz Skidmore Ana Cardona, recorded in 2018.

Progressive Talk hosts Aili McKeen and Bruce Conroy discuss topics which need to see more progress.

Woman in a male dominated field.
What they do in their free time.
Why 'women" should go into this field of work.
How did you get into this field of work ?
The jobs they had before getting into this field of work.
The % of people in Sisters In The Brotherhood.
Something that they would not be as able to do without being in this field of work.
What they do for the community.
What benefits do they get in this field of work.
People who been working in this field for years.
What struggles did you have as a woman working in this field of work?
Different work fields with woman groups.